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Exceptional performance deserves recognition.

It takes talent, hard work and vision to deliver results and drive customer success.  That’s why teams that have worked well together deserve to be celebrated for their achievements.

Benefits of entering an award

Done well, the process of writing an award submission can be a valuable strategic exercise. It is an opportunity to reflect on what makes you successful and what evidence there is to prove it. Often we are able to uncover useful marketing messages that have not previously been articulated. It’s also a chance to understand what needs to be done to improve or where change is needed. 

Even being nominated as a finalist is a great way to raise your profile in the sector.  It’s great for increasing credibility and including in sales decks.  It also boosts team morale – and engaged, excited teams are stronger at attracting talent too.

Entering an award can be both time consuming and costly and while nobody can guarantee a win, it helps to have an experienced marketing partner with a strong track record in award nominations. 

5 ways The Client Voice can help your award submission

  1. Identify which award has the best fit for you and your business
  2. Assess which categories you have the best chance of winning
  3. Selecting the right award format
  4. Liaising with your clients to get buy-in for their participation and obtaining their input
  5. Storyboarding and/or writing the award entry in preparation for submission

 Clients who are consistently finalists and awards winners include:

Want to increase your chances of being nominated for an award?


out of every 3 award submissions done by The Client Voice are nominated as finalists

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