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How to stand out from the competition

Are you struggling to articulate what makes your organisation different?  If you are helping your customers successfully achieve their goals and outcomes – don’t keep it a secret. Your most compelling advocates are your customers. Let them tell your story – in their own voice. It’s time to tap into the power of referral.  Creating and managing compelling customer success stories is our speciality.  The Client Voice has spent over a decade  developing and refining a methodology and a process for case study programmes that:
  • helps influence the buying decision
  • enhances your brand
  • builds credibility
  • strengthens your client relationships
  • supports a wide variety of  marketing activities 

What makes a great case study programme?


#1  It’s strategic

Does the client’s story align with your business strategy, values and purpose? At The Client Voice we make sure we understand your business and what you are trying to achieve. Our job is to ensure we enhance and reflect that in the story.

#2  It allows your clients to tell the story

Many of the business leaders we interview at The Client Voice appreciate the opportunity to reflect and comment on their experience with your brand. Our processes ensure nothing is ever captured without their full consent.  At the end of the day the final output should be as useful to your client as a record of their achievement as it is to you. It helps not to see this as a marketing exercise.

#3  The timing is right

Your customers may be reluctant to share their stories as it is too soon for them to talk about results. We encourage them to talk about their experience and what they are trying to achieve.  What have they learnt? What would they do differently? That’s what makes the story useful and relevant to potential clients. We can always go back and update a case study with new data.

#4  There’s consistency

Before you begin a case study programme, we decide how you will use it and what the best format is for your business.  We will create a template that will ensure all the stories look consistent and have the same engaging tone of voice throughout the programme.

#5  You are using it to FULL advantage

Make your case studies work for you. Great stories shouldn’t be gathering dust on your website! We’ve developed a “No Place to Hide” methodology to make sure your client success stories get maximum visibility.  

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