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How to stay front of mind

 Professional Services and Technology firms have longer sales cycles. That’s why they need to find a way to ensure they are front of mind all year round.  Companies that create content that shows a deep understanding of  their clients’ industry, their challenges and pain points and freely give advice, insights and new perspective will stick in a buyer’s mind.

 The Client Voice works with businesses to create new thinking and content that:

  • helps influence the buying decision
  • drives leads
  • encourages repeat business
  • elevates your brand
  • builds credibility
  • strengthens your client relationships
  • supports a wide variety of  marketing activities 
  • engages your top talent 


How do you approach a content programme?

#1  Define what you need your clients to believe about you

Thought-leadership and deep-thinking content starts with understanding what you want your clients – your buyers to believe about your firm.  We help businesses pinpoint what makes them different, what they need to communicate to buyers in order to sell and what evidence they have to prove it. 

#2  Identify your thinkers

 Most firms and value-added technology resellers differentiate thanks to the experience and expertise of their leaders and their consultants.  We work with your top talent to understand how they think and how that thinking can help your clients.  We love building out their  ideas to create content in a variety of formats.

#3  Identify your top strategic themes 

 Your content programme needs to fit your business needs.  Where do you want to grow your revenue? What are your business goals?  Who are you wanting to influence?  What are the talking points you know differentiate you from your competitors.  Call them pillars, principles, USPs, practice areas, we work with you to identify a strategic framework for your content.  

#4  Match your themes with your clients’ world

Content that is not relevant to your clients will damage your brand.  What matters to them right now?  What will their world look like in 3-5 years?  How can you help them do achieve their goals faster?  Have you seen examples of good practice in the sector that will help them do that

 #5  Drive content ROI

 Great content is the gift that keeps on giving.  We love turning content into multiple formats that will drive engagement and sales.  Think webinars, video, eBooks and blogs.  We take the COPE approach to content – that is Create Once, Publish Everywhere. 


Discover content programmes that are working for our clients. 

We help them distribute content on social or by email, or we provide them with the content to share.  Either way, we take the pressure off their marketing teams and ensure there is a constant source of  content on their website to fuel marketing activities.

Need content that changes the way buyers think about your company?


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